We did a “Crazy 8s” themed workout today….Frito loves numbers. 😉

Started with disclaimer and then a warm up of good mornings, knee repeaters (on each side), toy soldiers, inchworm walkouts, arm circles.

We started with a jog in the shape of a figure 8 around the pickle and back to the large shelter.  Then, we moved into our first set of AMRAPs (“as many round as possible”).  All AMRAPs were 4 minutes, and we did 8 reps of each exercise – repeating as many rounds of those exercises as we could in the 4 minutes.


  • squat thrusts (squat + overhead press)
  • froggers
  • RDLs
  • side lunges (hard count)

We then did an 88 second plank hold – switching plank positions every 22 seconds (low plank, high plank, side planks)


  • lateral arm raises
  • cross punches (hard count)
  • tricep dips
  • jumping jacks

Jog around pickle/shelter in circle 8


  • narrow rows
  • one arm snatches with jump back & then back forward (easy count)
  • chest press
  • push ups

88 second plank hold


  • curtsy lunge + bicep curl (easy count)
  • butt kickers (hard count)
  • donkey kicks with weight behind knee (hard count – 8 each leg)
  • weighted glute bridge

Jog in figure 8 shape around the pickle


  • jack knife
  • “figure 8” ab circles (8 circles each direction)
  • american hammers (hard count)
  • “figure 8” with legs while laying on back

We had time for one more 88 second plank hold but pax voted for a stretch instead so we learned some new stretches from Tuck (and encouraged her to Q a stretch session soon!)

COT (from a post on Twitter) – “Someone congratulated me recently and I started to deflect after I said thank you.  They said “I’m gonna give you your flowers, you can water them or not” and it stuck with me.  We often don’t appreciate our current wins because we’re anticipating what’s next.  Water your flowers.”

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