About Us

Introduction to Carpex FiA

We are a mash up of two adjacent towns, Cary and Apex, located in the south west part of Wake County. Our logo combines The Town of Cary dogwood flower logo with The Town of Apex’s famous water tower that represents “The Peak of Good Living.”

Our first AO (area of operation) was started in the sweltering heat and humidity in August 2017. We lovingly call this site Money Penny in reference to James Bond movies and the location of Bond Park. We currently offer workouts six days per week in eight locations.

FiA Carpex is more than just a workout. It is a chance to connect with women in the community, to build friendships, support each other in leadership, and participate in community activities. We are all fierce, strong, independent women and are Better Together.

Our five strong leaders work well together to make it all happen. We are always looking for new leaders from becoming a Q or Site Q Coordinator to organizing social and community activities. There is a place for you to participate, become involved, and lead! We look forward to working out with you and working with you as we grow FiA in our community.

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