Below are common questions asked by FNGs (Friendly New Gals) and veteran FiAs alike:

1. What happens at a workout?

WE START ON TIME:  It’s a great idea to arrive a few minutes early to stretch and identify yourself to a friendly FiA that you’re new here.  We’ll warmly welcome you and explain a few of the FiA ‘peculiarities’: 

  • We count in cadence – the leader does most of the counting, but the group chimes in.  Cadence counting keeps us all together, reminds us that we’re a group, supports the leader and amazingly pushes us to accomplish more than we could on our own.  (It’s also sneaky in that it can take your mind off the pushup and focus it toward group success.)   Dredd & OBT of F3 have a great video that explains this concept: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT7afkk2toA
  • We don’t leave anyone behind.  Do you run a 7 minute mile? Awesome.  You haven’t run a mile in 15 years?  Also awesome, glad you’re here.  Our workouts meet you where you are – trust us, all women will work hard and improve.  Our leaders structure the workout so that no woman is left behind and everyone is challenged.
  • We’re outside: rain or shine, hot or cold, on grass, in parking decks and on asphalt.  Please wear athletic clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather.  It’s also a great idea to wear work gloves (Home Depot-style) or weight lifting gloves.  Oftentimes, we’re doing pushups or burpees in a parking lot or field, and gloves let you focus on your strength, not the painful asphalt.
  • Our leaders have degrees in Art History, Finance, Chemistry, etc.  In short, we make no representations with regard to the skill level of workout leaders.  Please read our Disclaimer carefully before deciding to join us.

IT’S FREE: Yep, there’s no catch.  But trust us, laughing while working out at 5:30am is priceless.  And as with every good thing in life, the more you ‘give’ the more you’ll ‘get.’

NICKNAME:  After your first workout, we’ll have fun giving you a nickname.  The names are often based upon where you’re from, what you like to do for fun, or whatever mood the group is in that morning.  The group will name you, so don’t worry about thinking up your own name – examples have included:  Peachtree, Mary Lou, Van Gogh, and Fullback.  A FiA name means you’re one of us now!

CLOSING CIRCLE:  At the conclusion of the workout, and after everyone has announced their name, we link arms and form a circle. The leader of the workout (“Q” – see below) may pray or set a secular intention for her day. We are open to women of all faiths and no faith and we use our Closing Circle to give thanks for the strength each woman brought to that day’s workout – and the strength and sense of purpose she will take out into the world and share with others.

2. How do I find out workout locations, times, etc.?

For workout locations and times, go to our Find A Workout section.

3. What social media platforms are you on?

Facebook – FiA_Carpex

Facebook (closed group) – FiA Carpex

Instagram – @fia_carpex

Twitter – @FiACarpex

4. Umm, what’s a Q?

F3 was clearly our inspiration in building FiA.  F3 calls their leaders Q’s.  And they weren’t alone in that unoriginal thought – it’s a term borrowed from the inspiration for F3, the “Campos” workout group.  It’s sourced from a guy’s last name…and let’s just accept that Q=leader.

Like all good startups, we copycat ideas that work for us and modify those that don’t.  Don’t worry, you’ll catch on fast!

After a few workouts, if you’re interested in becoming a Q, we’d love to have you lead.  Please contact the Site Q of the AO.

5. How do I signup to Q?

We use a Google Doc for signups. Please reach out to a site Q and she will send you an email with a link and instructions.

6. Do you have social events?

Yes, we try to get together at least once a quarter. Those events are posted in our Facebook and Slack closed groups.

7. How do I get a FiA login? 

Once you’ve posted to a workout and are sporting a FiA nickname, please register for a login by reaching out to the site Q. Most likely, you will be asked for this information at the end of your first workout. For privacy/security purposes, all posts and communications will be done via your nickname. This allows us to get the FiA story out to the world without sharing personal info.

8. How do I order FiA gear?

We have great gear available for FiANation, so please visit our store at MudGear or email fiagear@gmail.com if you have questions.  Get yours today!!

9. Aack, my question wasn’t answered above.

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