We headed to a new area of Apex Community Park where it is nice and brightly lit since the time change (first parking lot to the Left as you enter).


Vinyasa stretches, upward/downward dog, 3 legged dog, butt kickers, inch worms, hip flexor/calf stretch, rotational stretch




100 lateral side hops

200 Bird Dogs

300 Leg round abouts

CURB exercises 45 seconds on, 14 seconds rest:

Alternating toe taps slow to fast; heel taps

Step backs off curb with tricep extension using weights as you like

Low lateral step ups with bicep curl

Posterior step up with overhead press

Squat with one leg on curb laterally arms in front as squat down

Switch over side

Heels on curb with squat overhead with arms as with chair pose

Repeaters forward bringing knee to chest and bicep curl

Repeaters laterally moving leg out to the side with shoulder abduction

Plank on curb on hands alternate LA highway jumping over

Tricep dips on curb can do 1 legged for increased challenge

Vshape step up and down off curb

Static lunge on curb with weights

Side step up with opposite knee to arm oblique crunch

Balance forward /backward (heel to toe-can also do on ground)/sideward walk 

Toe raises off curb


Stretch on curb-standing HS,  hip flexor lunge stretch with palms up then hands clasped behind, standing quad stretch, heel cord stretch

Thank you ladies!!

COT- think of who you (or your kids) invest your time with.. are they a 3 minute, 3 hours or 3 day person you would like to or should spend your time investing in and visa versa. Is it someone you respect or want to learn from or someone who tends to bring you down or lead you down the wrong path? Is it someone you feel the Lord has brought into your life to lift up?

Next time I plan a workout I will do a better job planning my playlist!! 😉