New Member to the Respect Club!!!!

Beatdown: Moneypenny Beatdown Date: 05/21/2022 QiC: Fullback Number of Pax: 10 Pax Names: Bon Voyage, Daisy, Frito, Half Pipe, Mapquest, Miller (respect), Nitrous, Tuck, Zeppelin Number of FNGs:   I decided today’s workout would be split – 25 minutes cardio – 25 weights. Lifting heavier weights this year is a goal of mine this year.…

A Lesson in Adaptability

Beatdown: Nightcrawler Beatdown Date: 05/16/2022 QiC: Doodle Number of Pax: 8 Pax Names: Dipstick, Doodle, Fullback (respect), Lub Dub, Miller (respect), Pandora (respect), Reebok, Tuck Number of FNGs: Q had planned a fun workout rucking around the park but the threat of thunderstorms forced us to adapt and stay near the shelter (never fear, we…

Plank Jacks aren’t usually THAT hard

Beatdown: Double D Beatdown Date: 05/20/2022 QiC: Crisco Number of Pax: 3 Pax Names: Alias, Fullback (respect) Number of FNGs: Disclaimer/Warm Up:  Circle up – good mornings 10 oyo; shuffle R 1-2-3-4 then 4 easy count toy soldiers; repeat 4x; shuffle L 1-2-3-4 then 4 easy count windmills; repeat 4x; arm circles forward/backward, phelps, JJ…

ALBA Workout with Weights

Beatdown: Saved By The Bell Beatdown Date: 05/20/2022 QiC: Beethoven Number of Pax: 6 Pax Names: 6 Feet, Beethoven, Breezy (respect), Forrest, Hootie (respect), Walkman Number of FNGs: Disclaimer given! Everyone knows Beethoven is not a professional! 😉 Warm-up: Good mornings, small arm circles, high knees, butt kicks, Phelps, big arm circles and jumping jacks.…

Run the Bases

Beatdown: Hunter Games Beatdown Date: 05/19/2022 QiC: Reebok Number of Pax: 13 Pax Names: 6 Feet, Bluff, Boone, Crisco (respect), Frito, Half Pipe, Helium, Hootie (respect), Mary Lou, Native, Tik-Tok, Wilson, Zeppelin Number of FNGs: Warm up:  lunges, butt kickers, arm circles The Thang 2 groups: 1st group starts lunge walk to Base 1 then…

5 Mins is a long time

Beatdown: Peak of the Week (POW) Beatdown Date: 05/18/2022 QiC: Daisy Number of Pax: 7 Pax Names: Doodle, Frito, Fullback (respect), Moose, Teatree (respect), Tuck Number of FNGs: Disclaimer and Warm up 5 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) stations. We each started at a different station and rotated around to hit each one.…
May 2022