We warmed up with some of the usuals before starting into the Thang: 45 sec on/15 sec rest, everything followed that format. Started with alternating long band full body work with a cardio burst.

Woodchop pulls – chase the rabbit, band “kettlebell” swings – crossjacks, band OH press – jump squat, R leg OH press – R knee repeaters, L leg OH press – L knee repeaters, Woodchop pulls – plank ski jumps, KB swings- skaters, paloff press – plank jacks, R leg paloff press – toy soldiers, L leg paloff press – butt kickers.

Then we grabbed our mini bands for glute work: lateral walk, monster walk, bridge clams, side clams each side, fire hydrant, donkey kicks.

then to our mats: stability plank row, side plank, toe taps, mat crawl and prone WY.  Finished with COT and name o Rama!

Thanks for joining me!