First, I stated the disclaimer. Then we did some warm-ups: big arm circles, shoulder rolls, jumping jacks, running in place, knee lifts, and Michael Phelps.

I introduce four corners. Every corner had a cup filled with different exercises. Also, there was a list of icebreaker questions at each corner.

#1 Corner – Core exercises: bridge, Russian twist, plank, LBCs, flutter kicks, renegade row, overhead circles, and standing weighted twists.

#2 Corner- Upper body exercises: bicep curl, wide bicep curl, overhead tricep extensions, bent over row, hammer curl, lateral arm raises, front arm raises, and tricep kickbacks.

#3 Corner- Lower body exercises: deadlift, squats, lateral lunges, curtsy lunges, sumo squats, calf raises, squat pulses, and knee lifts.

#4 Corner- Cardio exercises- high knees, jumping jacks, jump rope, skaters, squats, sumo punches, squat jumps, and star jumps.

We counted off to make two groups. Each group started at a corner and pulled out an exercise from the cup. Each exercise was 45 seconds on and 15 seconds of rest. During the exercise, the group answered an icebreaker question. When the timer ended, the group carried their weights to the next corner. We repeated this rotation (exercise and icebreaker question).

We completed the workout with some cool-down stretches (Pax choice).

We used the remainder of the time to meet and name our new FNG- Beach Brat.

We did COT and Name-a-Rama.

COT- You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. – C. S. Lewis