Started off with a quick disclaimer and went right into a walking warmup – skips, HK, BK, carioca, side shuffle, lunge twist, runners lunge.  

We started the Winter Olympics off with the opening ceremonies – run the big pickle and everyone grabbed a torch (a rock!) and we did an over head carry back to our mats, stopping 3x to do 10 bicep curls and 10 overhead triceps 

Once we got back to our mats it was time for the events to begin! We did 1 minute of each one:

  1. Snowboarders (rotating jump squats)
  2. Speed Skaters
  3. Skeleton (on belly, lift legs and arms)
  4. Cross country Skiers
  5. Slalom hops
  6. Luge (boat hold)
  7. Ski jumpers (squat hold for 5 sec, then power jump)
  8. Figure skaters (balance with 5 kicks front, side and back and SL RDL kicks, each side) 

After we completed 3 rounds of those (prelims, semi-finals, and finals 😉 we headed into the closing ceremonies.  Grab your torch, back to overhead carry and a couple stops for bis/tris with a bonus round of bent over rows.   

Then we mosied back to our mats for Pax choice abs and some stretching.  Thanks for joining me!