Beethoven gave the Disclaimer – Do this at your own risk ladies! Modify as needed please! Keep in mind the COVID issues and you are here at your own risk. Use the bands at your own risk too!

Warm Up: (10C OYO) Good Mornings, Big Arm Circles – Forwards, Big Arm Circles – Backwards, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Leg stretches side to side and then straight down for a good hamstring stretch, Small Arm Circles – Forwards, Small Arm Circles – Backwards

Run to catch all of your things blowing away… ya know, part of the warm-up and this whole hurricane!! Haha!

The Thang:
Squats with band under the feet, holding handles or top of bands with hands.

Squat position with to taps

Squat with leg lifts back – each side

Glute bridge, glute bridge pulse, glute bridge again – band around ankle for all

Donkey kicks – each side – band around ankle

Fire hydrants – each side – band around ankle

Leg curl prone on stomach – one leg at a time lifted – band around ankle

Lying lateral leg stretches in the air – on back – band around ankle

Lying lateral leg lifts from ground up – each side – band around ankle

Lying lateral leg lifts on your side – band around ankle – each side

Romanian deadlift with long bands around the pole

Leg lifts with band around pole – each side

Calf raises with band under feet and hold the top of band with hands or handles for resistance

Hip Adductors – 3 to the right, 3 to the left.

Abs:  High crunches (25), Leg lifts (10), LBC’s (15), Leg lifts (10)