Warm Up: Good mornings, windmills, toy soldiers, arm circles, JJ

The Thang: Bring weights, walk to sidewalk where planter boxes are

Shuttle Run – start at first planter box, run to 2nd one then back to the first. Run to the 3rd planter box, back to the 1st, run to 4th planter box, back to the first


Divide into 2 groups

Group 1 does 7’s (renegade rows + squat w/ OH press, carrying weights in between) down to the last planter box and back while Group 2 does 5 reps of each dips, jumping jacks and squats until they get back. Swap, rinse and repeat until both groups have finished. Back to the parking lot for abs


Repeat shuttle run in between groups switching and then again at the end 

Abs:Because Q dressed up as a fox for the Halloween convergence on Monday, it only seemed appropriate to incorporate What does the Fox Say into this workout?! Duration of the song – complete LBC’s during the verses and Bicycles during the chorus. Wilson has a talent that she’s been holding back! She knows all the words to this song  LOL

Pax choice for remainder of time
COT: November 1 is Extra Mile Day! It allows us to appreciate the positive impact that we leave on our communities, organizations, and families when we choose to “go the extra mile”. The observance is aimed at celebrating people who go the distance — and then some. Extra Mile Day inspires us to be better versions of ourselves – think about how you can go the extra mile today – with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Know someone who goes the extra mile? Thank them.

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