We started with the disclaimer and our warm up.

Fixer Upper lead us in a brief warm up of good mornings, runners stretch and a modified kickboxing warmup to get things moving and warm.

The Thang:

The group ran over to the church. No not that church, the other church… Super Why, our Super Fly Q with all the amazing ideas brought the fun with a beach body themed workout routine and the blow ups. The blow up inner tube, two inflatable beach balls, and four pool noodles were used to get all of us moving this morning. The group was counted off, the first five rounded up into a circle for squats and ball tosses. Person number six was the lucky one that wore the inflated inner tube and ran high knees around the cones, while our last four jumped side to side over the noodles. After our runner made it back, we rotated. It was a lot of fun.

We were about to make a run to the Cary Arts Center for the next set when we were stopped by the nice man at the church with questions. He wanted to know who our leader was and who gave us permission to be there… On that note, we loaded up and detoured back to home base to finish up.

When we arrived we did a modified round of abs. Fixer was thankful for her Co-Q who jumped in when she realized she couldn’t get the count straight on the first 100 and breathe through the ab work at the same time. 😂 Thank you, Super Why! After some Plank Jacks, American Hammers, Bug Girls Sit Ups, Box Cutters and Heels to Heaven, it was turned over to Super Why for our finale…

Yoga! This was a very welcome change of pace. We had some great stretches at the end to close us out. Super Why took us through some great work and movements that really closed the workout nicely.

Thanks for joining us everyone!