Started with a warm up: good mornings, windmills, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knee, deep squat stretch

I stole the model from Doodle and set up 6 stations to rotate through.  One station was on a count,  the other stations did ARAP before rotating to the next station.  We did three rounds of this, running the pickle in between rounds.

Round 1 (Legs):
Stations: 40 sumo squats, SL RDL w/ band, bridge clams, lunges, SL kick backs, jumping jacks with band

Round 2 (Arms):
Stations: 20 bicep curl to shoulder press, rows, tricep pull, lateral raises, lat pull down, shoulder taps

Round 3 (Core):
Stations: 20 HC side plank clams, woodchoppers, bear hold kick thrus, plank toe taps, dead bug, standing side crunch

After the last lap around the pickle we circled up for a ring of fire, 10 of each movement: squat hold/jump squats, boat hold/tricep dips, plank/plank jacks, bridge/ankle biters

As always a great way to start the day!