Started off with the disclaimer and circled up our mats.  Jogged the big pickle to start off the warm up then back to our mats for the mobility and stability work:
– Open the gate into a single-leg RDL, then close the gate back to single leg stance.  We did 10 each side focusing on control and balance.
– Turkish get-up, stopping at half kneel position, 6ish on each side.
– Side bridge lifts, knee to chest then sweep back to full hip extension, 10x each side
– Bridge march with knee to chest, focusing on pelvic stability, 10x each side.
– runners lunge, thoracic rotation, into hamstring stretch.

After the extended warm up it was time for the squat/lunge combos circuit.  1 min each, 15 sec rest
– Squat/crunch/squat/crunch/jump
– Back lunge/trunk twist
– Sumo/ankle taps
– Back lunge/front kick
– Squat hold/tap back/tap out

Regrettably, I decided to steal the idea of Jack Webb from Fullback.  1 PU/4 hallelujahs, up to 10 PU/40 hallelujahs.  Turns out, it’s hard.  (BTW, Jack Webb is an old actor….anyone know the correlation?)   After that we ran another big pickle and back to another circuit of the squat/lunge combos.

Back down to our mats for some core/stability work.  All 4’s work with opposite arm/leg, 10 of each exercise each side: slow kick thrus, holds, pulses, crunches, circles.  Log rolls (lie on your back, lift arms and legs off the ground roll to your side, then to the other) 10x each way.  Then side crunch with straight legs 10x each.  We completed that circuit 2x.  Finished with a bonus jog around the pickle thanks to Miller and then Name-O-Rama!  Thanks for coming!