Disclaimer was given by Beethoven: Do this at your own rick and modify as needed because I am not a professional. Welcome FNG: Bierwagon (pronounced: B-e-e-r-w-a-g-o-n)!!!!

Warm-up: Good mornings, jumping jacks, arm circles, high knees, butt kicks, big arm circles.


Close Grip Press/Pulse

Chest Fly/Pulse

Push Up

Upright row/Pulse

Reverse Fly/Pulse

Shoulder Press

Straight arm kickback

Weighted Jumping Jacks

DB Cross body front raise

Bicep Curls/Pulse bottom/Pulse top

Punch it out – on your knees

Narrow Squat

Reverse lunge with weights

Sumo Squat with calf raise

Glute Bridges with a weight

Russian Twists

Name-o-Rama – Named FNG: Bierwagon (her maiden name!!!!YEAH!!!)