I got there a little early tonight to try and scope out some space since the Youth Symphony was sprinkled throughout the park. After a disclaimer for safety and COVID, we warmed up near the parking lot as a few more PAX joined us.
After warming up we moved to the Ninja Course for our workout.

The Thang: The PAX partnered up. The ninja course is a rectangle. With our partners, we ran, lunged or shuffled the perimeter of the Ninja Course in opposite directions. When you meet you partner, stop and do the designated exercise. Repeat another set of the exercise at the starting corner.

Lap 1: Run the perimeter, exercise: hallelujahs

Lap 2: Side shuffle the long sides and grapevine the short sides; exercise: push-ups

Lap 3: Walking lunges for the long side and side lunges for the short sides; exercise: dips.

We made it through this 3 lap cycle 4 times in 25 minutes as we dodged kids on the playground and the symphony in the grass. Cycle 1 was 10 reps, cycle 2 was 20 reps, cycle 3 was 30 reps and cycle 4 was back down to 20 reps. This was a grand total of 160 push-ups, 160 hallelujahs and 160 dips! Strong work, ladies.

We finished the last 7 minutes of our workout with some standing abs, stretching and COT. Tonight the 2.0’s came out strong! We had 5 strong girls join us! Welcome 2.0 Courage.

Thanks for joining me tonight and tolerating the chaos!