Disclaimer & Warm Up: good mornings, shuffle/shuffle 4 count, arms, moseyed around the pickle

The Thang:

Song Workout borrowed from Chowda, Cape Fear

While a song is playing, do 10 reps of an exercise, run to the end of the parking lot, do 10 reps, run back. Keep going (rinse and repeat) until the song is over. When the next song plays, switch exercises. When the Q turns her hat around backwards, you know what’s coming next 😉 

  • Push Up (Push It)
  • Squat Jump (Jump Around)
  • Punches (Fighter)
  • Jumping Jacks (Party Rock)
  • Monkey Humpers (Burning Love) 
  • Burpees (Kickstart My Heart) – 5 on each end
  • Mt. Climbers (Aint No Mountain High Enough)
  • Sparky Crabs (Sparks Fly)
  • Star Jumps (All Star)
  • Hillbillies (Hillbilly Bone)
  • Carolina Dry Docks (Sweet Caroline)
    We cut it short after Mt Climbers so we’d have time to get a couple of songs worth of abs + glutes

Abs/ Glutes: Alternate 10 of each for duration of song:

Heads Carolina, Tails California Abs:bird dogs Glutes:fire hydrants

Water Under the Bridge Abs: lbc’s   Glutes: glute bridges

COT: How many blue cars did you see yesterday? Unless you were specifically looking for them you probably didn’t notice them all. Today look for glimmers of hope – those are your blue cars. Sometimes you can only see the glimmers of hope when you look for them. ~Jenni Brennan, “Changing Perspectives”


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