Q and Crisco were walking before workout and had to run a little to get back just in time for workout! Sorry I was a few minutes behind!

Disclaimer and Warm-up: Good mornings, windmills, butt kicks, high knees, arm circles and run the pickle.

Legs, Arms and Abs – Tried to repeat the entire circuit twice, but only got halfway through.

These could all be modified, with or without weight:


Sumo Squats

Forward Lunges

Side Lunges

Jump Squats

Reverse lunges

Squat pulses

Fire hydrants each leg



Shoulder Press

Front Raises

Lateral Raises

Chest Press

Donkey Kicks

Clam Shells

Abs: Leg lifts, scissors, bicycles, glute bridges, Russian twists, ankle biters and LBC’s.

Saved my COT in my email (at work), but never sent it to my other email to read this morning. It’s the picture posted in this Backblast!

Name-o-rama and Picture! Have a great weekend!