As a last minute fill in for Phelps, I was scrambling to put together a workout. I’m very thankful that FiANation tagged fiahighlandcreek and the workouts they post almost daily! At 4:20 this morning I stumbled across the below workout, which was perfect for today.

We started with a jog from Ritter Park and then jumped right into the workout. We went around the circle and chose the exercises accordingly.

Spell out your Name, FiA Name, Birthday, Phone Number, Address on the Phone Keypad.

Add a run to the end of the lot anywhere you would put a slash, dash, or space.

1 – 20 Tricep Dips

2 (ABC) – 20 Blast Off Pushups

3 (DEF) – 40 Curb Taps

4 (GHI) – 20 Alternating Lunges

5 (JKL) – 30 Sec Plank

6 (MNO) – 40 Jacks

7 (PQRS) – 20 Jump Squats

8 (TUV) – 30 Power Punches

9 (WXYZ) – 15 Pushups

0 – 20 Superman

Finished with a quick run back to Ritter Park and name-o-rama.

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning!