Warm Up- Good Mornings ,Toy Soldiers, Butt Kickers, Arm Circles (front and back), Jumping Jacks, Inch Worms

The Thang- 11 exercises (1 minute, 10 second rest) Perform exercises that match Pax phone #’s. Once complete phone # circuit finished, walk or run the pickle. Hold plank till all return.


0. Skaters

1. Bicep Curls

2. Squats

3. Russian Twist

4. Lunges

5. Calf Raises

6. Flutter Kicks

7. Ankle Biters

8. Heels to Heaven

9. Star Crunches

10. Glute Bridges

2.5 phone numbers with area code completed

Cool Down

COT: Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. JM Barry