While waiting for the work out to start we got to hear some interesting wildlife noises coming from the darkened woods.

Warm Up:

5 Good Mornings OYPO

10 IC Toy Soldiers

12 IC Windmills

Run the pickle

The Thang:

Ladder Dora:

100 Bicep curls – partner lunge walks

200 glute bridges – partner side shuffles

300 squats – partner crab walks, bear crawls or some sort of combination

200 clams – partner side shuffles

100 Tricep pulls – partner lunge walks

We followed the Dora with a few upper body exercises, each done for a minute, two times through. We did chest flies, upright rows, and seated rows.

We finished up with abs, doing each exercise for 45 seconds. Plank to bear, hollow body crunches, bicycles, hillbillies, and planks with outside toe taps. I wasn’t paying attention and ran over a few minutes. Thanks for bearing with me ladies!