Disclaimer and warm up in the parking deck.

W/U: jumping jacks, power knees, good mornings, runner stretches.

The Thang: Inflating BLIMPS

We moseyed to the stairs to begin inflating our blimps. We stopped on each floor and added an exercise until we got to the top.

Burpee x5

Lunges x10 EC

Imperial Walkers x15 HC

Merkins x20

Plank Jacks x25

Squats x30

At the top of the deck we caught our breath and started down with descending DMCs (drunk mountain climbers). We stopped at each level. 30-5.

We grabbed our mats at the bottom of the deck and headed to the front of the library to do some elevated core work. Two sets of two rounds 30 seconds for each exercise. Exercises were:

Reverse planks

Hover march

Side plank reach (L/R)

Hover kick ups (L/R)

Push-ups w 2 mountain climbers

Dips with a knee driver

Reverse plank march

Plank rock backs (blast off pushups)

Slow knee lowers

That brought us to the end. We did name-a-rama and then headed to Brew for cofFiA!

Thanks for joining me!