Disclaimer/Warm Up and a rundown of Wilson’s unfortunate events (happened before she even arrived at the workout)

 Good mornings, toy soldiers, arm circles forward/back, Slow butt kickers, run the pickle 


The Thang: Jump Rope/Squat ladder:

100 jump ropes/10 squats. 90 jump ropes/9 squats, etc all the way down to 10-1

Divide into 2 groups

Group A does exercise while group B travels; swap

Since there were only 3 of us we did 1 min of arms, then the traveling exercise 

Group A Group B
Elbows by side loop around wrists; pull apart Monster walk
Arms straight out/pull part Lateral walk
Arms straight out pull apart diagonal L step-squat-step
Arms straight out pull apart diagonal R Lunge walk
Arms overhead pull part Monster walk
Table top w/ band around wrists; tap forward then side L Lateral walk
Table top w/ band around wrists; tap forward, then side R step-squat-step



45 second work/ 20 sec rest

Plank to bear (band around arches of feet)

Penguin Crunch (band around wrists, overhead, move body side to side)

Staggered leg lower (band around ankles, keep tension, lower one leg, lift, alternate)

R Leg Standing Obliques (band around arches of feet) – reach knee up as high as you can to same elbow 

L Leg Standing Obliques 


COT: Before you ask, “What should I do today?” Ask yourself, “What should I remove today?”  Create the space you need to succeed. ~ James Clear


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