It was a chilly but clear morning at Moneypenny and our first Saturday in 2023!  Many pax started an hour early (at 7 am) for an extra credit ruck before MP, and some pax rucked the whole 2 hours but arrived back in time for COT – such a sweet ending #bettertogether 🙂

Anyway, on to the workout.  We started at 8 am in the Senior Center parking lot and circled up for a warm up of good mornings, inchworm walkouts + world’s greatest stretch, knee repeaters (on each side), some arm circles both ways and a slow jog around the pickle.  We were chatty during warm up, but at some point I did remember to share the disclaimer so we were covered!

We then got into the first thing – Start at the end of the parking lot with 23 jumping jacks, then travel to the first parking lot island, do 23 tricep dips, back to start and do 23 jumping jacks.
Then, run to the 2nd parking island, do 23 monkey humpers, back to start and do 23 jumping jacks.
Last, run to 3rd parking island, do 23 plank jacks, back to start and do 23 jumping jacks.
We regrouped and did a 2nd round with a few changes –
Start with 23 jumping jacks, then side shuffle to 1st parking island and do 23 elevated curb squats.  Then side shuffle back to start and do 23 jumping jacks.
Skip to 2nd parking island, do 23 calf raises, skip back to start and do 23 jumping jacks.
Run to 3rd parking island, and do 23 Carolina dry docks, run back to start and do 23 jumping jacks.
We then circled up for what I started to call a “Ring of Fireworks” but we decided that maybe this one could be called “Ring of Whac-a-mole”… maybe it’s a new one to add to the lexicon?  We will see 🙂
Anyway, pax circled up an everyone held a squat.  We went around the circle and each pax did a squat jump one by one and we counted to 23, and when we got to 23, everyone did a burpee.  Then we started again – we did 4 rounds.  The pax liked this one!
Then we moseyed down to the amphitheater, stopped at the trailhead area to choose a medium/heavy rock for some lower-body focused work.
In the amphitheater, we did a round of 7s (since today is the 7th, I figured it was fitting!).
Pax start at one end of the stage and do 6 reps of deadlifts + bicep curl with rocks.  Then pax carry rocks up and around the perimeter of the amphitheater to the other side of the stage, where pax do 1 rep deadlift + squat.  Then return to starting point, do 5 reps of deadlifts + bicep curl, carry rocks around the perimeter of the amphitheater to other side and pax do 2 reps deadlift + squat, etc. until we finished.
Then we set down our rocks and did another round of 7s without rocks.
Starting at one end of the amphitheater, pax do 6 froggers, then lunge walk across front of amphitheater stage to other side and do 1 sparky crab (modification was raggedy anns!), then lunge walk back for 5 froggers, etc.
After this, it was time to head back!  We returned our rocks and then did a fast run/sprint up the hill (since we only climbed it once!) and headed back to the Senior Center.  We did a couple of minutes of stretching as the pax that did a 2 hour ruck (Tag-A-Long, Helium, Reebok, SUP & 6 feet) arrived!  We did COT as a large group and name-o-rama.
COT – If you quit now… you’ll end up right back where you first began.  And when you first began, you were desperate to be right where you are now.  Keep going.
Happy New Year!  Thanks for spending Saturday morning with me!