Beethoven – Disclaimer Given.

Warm up: Good Mornings, Jumping Jacks, Butt Kicks, High Knees, arm circles (big and small), windmills and ran the pickle.

The Thang: Weights Tabata Style – 50 minutes work/15 seconds rest

Front Dumbbell Raises

Triceps Overhead Extensions

Dumbbell Squat and Press

Bent over Row

Step-ups – on the curb – Bicep Curls

Chest Press (on mat)

Standing Hammer Curls

Mountain Climbers (Part of Cardinal’s workout)

Run the Pickle

Triceps Extensions

Reverse Fly

Lateral Raises side

Front Raises

Plank Jacks

Shoulder Press (We will do Hallelujahs with weights for Cardinal)


Run the Pickle

Pull your pants up (seated/squat position with weights coming up at side)

Side curls (like bicep curls, but on the side of your body)

Upright Rows

Burpees (Part of Cardinal’s workout)

Twist weight in front of body (arms straight out)

Squat with Bicep curls

Chest Fly

Run the Pickle

Glute Bridges

Abs – Heels to Heaven & LBC’s (both are Part of Cardinal’s workout). PAX choice of one or both or alternating!

COT / Namorama