Disclaimer & Warm Up: Good mornings, toy soldiers, arms circles, butt kicks, high knees


The Thang:

It was such a windy morning! Wilson gave us her weather report 

We walked to various places around town & stopped to complete:

10 lat pull downs

10 tricep extensions HC

10 curb squats band around thighs

10 lateral taps HC band around ankles

10 standing mtn climbers w/pause HC band around toes

We made 5 stops & clocked almost 1.7 miles!

There’s 2 types of people in this world: Batteries and vacuums

People who are energizing to be around, they inspire you to do more, you feel more motivated just having spent time with them (batteries) and then there are people who suck the life out of you, you feel completely drained by being around them (vacuums)
Spend more time with people who are batteries, not vacuums. And, which one are you?