Warm Up: Mosey around the pickle, then back to start for good mornings, Toy Soldiers, high knees, butt kicks, arm circles, phelps

The Thang:

Highway 66 with weights – Squat w/ OH press 

(It’s called highway 66 because there’s 66 reps in total! In our discussions during the workout, some of us decided we still don’t know what a triple nickel is. We just start and stop when the Q tells us!)

Stopping at each light pole – complete 1 rep at first light pole + 10 Jumping Jacks, 2nd pole, 2 reps + 10 JJ, etc all the way to 11 

We paused after our first round to complete Bear Crawl/Lunge Walks 7’s with dips and curb squats

Reverse Highway 66 Renegade Rows (start w/ 11, back down to 1)  + 10 plank jacks at each light pole

Abs: Ring of Fire Hold chair pose, while pax completes 5 Hillbillies HC

Hold Sumos Squat while pax completes 5 raggedy anns

COT: In preparation for spending time with family, let’s remember: 

When it’s all said and done, is it more important to be loving or to be right?
Brene Brown “I’m here to get it right, not be right”