Warm Up: Jog around the pickle; good mornings, toy soldiers, arm circles

Q was determined to keep us warm, so we started with Motivators – Jumping Jack Routine – Count down from 10 reps

10 full Jumping Jacks, 10 Jumping jacks where arms only raise as high as shoulders, 10 JJ with hands on hips, 10 straight jumps up and down….then 9 full JJ, 9 arms half way JJ, 9 JJ only legs, 9 bouncing straight up and down… then 8 reps 7,6,5,4,3,2,1.

The Thang:

Kraken This mythical beast of a routine that resembles an octopus consists of 8 stations set around a large circle, each with an exercise. PAX spread out across the stations (or stay together if small group), complete the specified exercise, then run or walk the outside of the full circle past the station they just completed, to the next station (so a full circle + 1 cone). PAX continue around the circle.  

1st round 20 reps

2nd round 15 reps

3rd round  10 reps, etc

We were able to complete 2 rounds before we called time


  1. Blast off pushups
  2. Dips
  3. L leg curb squat/R leg curb squat 
  4. Drunken Mtn Climbers HC
  5. Door Knobs 
  6. Stiletto Squats (both heels on curb)
  7. Sparky Crabs HC
  8. Plank Jacks

Abs: 15 second plank/ 15 reps of an exercise, 30 sec plank / 30 reps of exercise, 45 sec plank/45 reps of exercise, 60 sec plank/ 60 reps of an exercise THEN work your way back down (which we did not have time for). It was about this time when we started to smell the coffee brewing at Wake Oasis and were ready to be done & head home to our own warm cups of coffee!

15 Big Girl Sit Ups

30 American Hammers EC

45 Ankle Biters EC

60 LBC’s

COT: How can I improve the energy of the situations I am involved in today? You may not control the outcome, but you can influence it. ~ James Clear