Q gave the disclaimer and tried to wrangle the Pax for the usual warm ups – good mornings, inchworms, hip openers, JJ IC. In the meantime, senior center spokesman approaches us, concerned about all the spaces our cars are taking up as there is a critical need for spaces for the craft fair happening at the senior center today. Q assured him we’d be gone by 9:00, when the craft fair opens. Meanwhile, he’s not looking at all like he believes us. I mean we might give off the “we don’t follow the rules” kinda vibe. And, off we go!

Mosey to ropes course parking lot for warm up; Thunderstruck Burpees. With Nips visiting from South Raleigh, we had to get some burpees in. Our reputation precedes us, so Q didn’t want to disappoint!  Not only were parking spaces in high demand for the senior center parking lot, there was a shuttle running for overflow parking at the ropes course lot as well.  Who knew how popular the Senior Center Craft show was?! 

The Thang: Group work/4 corners ladder – Corner 1 shoulder taps HC Corner 2 carolina dry dock Corner 3 dips Corner 4 push ups While group 1 completes 4 corners, group 2 is doing the lower body exercise:

4 corners 5 reps/ Round 1 – lunges

4 corners 10 reps/ Round 2 – squats

4 corners 15 reps/ Round 3 – calf raises

4 corners 10 reps/ Round 4 – monkey humpers

After Round 4 we moseyed back to the senior center parking lot, expecting to find all the cars lined up, waiting for our parking spots. Not the case! We grabbed our mats and finished up round 5 on our mats

4 corners 5 reps/ Round 5 – blast off  push ups

Glute time bomb:

1 minute donkey kick right side

45 seconds fire hydrant right side

30  seconds rainbows right side

15 seconds pulse

30 seconds rainbows left side

45 seconds fire hydrants left side

1 minute donkey kicks left side

15 sec pulse

Ab time bomb

1 minute BGSU

45 seconds Dead Bugs

30 seconds Heels to Heaven

15 seconds In/outs – V up

30 seconds Heels to Heaven

45 seconds Dead bugs

1 minute BGSU

COT: From Hands Free Revolution

Name o Rama