the usual warm-up

The Thang: We did the first exercise for 30″ and the second exercise for 60″.  then you had a 45″ “rest” and during that time you had to perform 10 push-up. Weights of your choice

  1.  Squats         Reverse Lunge
  2. Burpee         Bicep curls
  3. Renegade row     Glute Press (30″ each side)
  4. American Hammer     Dead Bug
  5. Mountain Climber.     Plank
  6. Skater         Side lunge with leg lift
  7. Dead lift.    Calf raises

We then ran the pickle and came back to do it all again just in reverse order

We had a few minutes at the end so did a Ring of Fire with

1. Ankle Biters and skaters

2. Glute bridge hold and glute bridge kicks