I haven’t Q’d in a while and had too many ideas – hence the title, we did everything!

We circled up at the old library site & I started with the disclaimer and then some standard warm up moves – good mornings, inchworm walkouts, world’s greatest stretch, hip openers/closers – and my favorite, the ring of “fireworks” (maybe one day it hits the lexicon?! it involves everyone in a circle doing raggedy anns and each pax around the circle does a star jump one at a time and counts – once we get to 9 – since today is the 9th! – everyone does a burpee.  then start again – we did 9 rounds.)
Then we partnered up to travel to the Cary Arts Center.  Partner 1 lunge-walked to first light post while partner 2 did jumping jacks.  Then partner 1 did jumping jacks until partner 2 lunged-walked to the first light pole.  After 2 rounds of lunge walks, we switched to side squat walks.
At the Cary Arts Center, Parter 1 did an exercise up the stairs & down the ramp while Partner 2 did an exercise, then switch.  The exercises were:
– Partner 1 – tabletop hold with alternating arm and leg extensions, Partner 2 – runs up the stairs and side shuffles down the ramp. Repeat 3x
 – Partner 1 – tricep dips, Partner 2 – up two steps, down 1 step to travel the stairs (fast feet!) then skip down the ramp.  Repeat 3x
 – Partner 1 – monkey humpers, Partner 2 – bear crawl up the stairs & high knees down the ramp.  Repeat 3x
We then returned to the old library site using light poles in a zig zag fashion as a group.  At first light pole, we did 1 X jump (start with feet shoulder width apart, then jump forward and feet together and then jump again forward and spread legs back out to shoulder width – then jump backwards in same format… making an X on the ground with the way your feet are traveling) and 1 push up.
Jog to 2nd light pole, do 2 X jumps & 2 push ups.  Jog back to start – 1 X jump, 1 push up.  Jog to 3rd light pole & do 3 X jumps & 3 push-ups, jog back to 2nd light pole – do 2 X jumps, 2 push-ups, Jog to 4th light pole – do 4 X jumps & 4 pushups, then back to 3rd light pole., etc – back to old library site (it was 5 light poles to get us back to the old library site).
We rolled out our mats for a timed HIIT workout – 20 seconds each exercise and after each round, we had 20 seconds rest.  We did these 2 times each.
Round 1 –
high knees
Round 2 –
side shuffle
We had time for one ring of fire for abs – we held boat pose and did 5 hard count american hammers each
COT – Be a hype girl.  Hype other women up.  The world has plenty of haters already.
This workout was no joke – I definitely felt “everything” later!  Thanks for joining me!