After the disclaimer, we all gathered in the parking lot to do our warmup.   We did a lot of different stretches along with jumping jack, butt kickers, slow monkey humpers, and toy soldiers.

The Thang:

We traveled around the park stopping at random locations doing random things..  I actually had this planned out so it wasn’t as random as one would think.  At every post or bridge that could accommodate the pax of 10 we stopped to do a wall sit for at least a minute (sometimes more but don’t tell anyone!!!)  and talked about watching the olympics.

  1.  Fence post sit
  2.  Hill – Bottom of hill:  30 HC jump over imaginary log.  Top of Hill – 30 Tricep Dips on Picnic Table  2x
  3.   Bridge sit
  4. Playground- On stairs:  30 HC fast step ups right lead. Repeat on left.  Followed by 30 HC Mountain climber and 30 Plank Jacks
  5. Post sit
  6. Middle of trail – 30 sec fast feet followed by 30 sec squat hold.  2x     Stay in squat position whole time
  7. Bridge sit
  8. Trail – High Knees 30 HC.   While holding rock at chest, reverse lunge and twist towards forward knee . Then shoulder press on return to standing.  Alternating lunges. (16 first round / 10 second round) 2x
  9. Back to bottom of hill – Luckily we were running out of time so no hill runs. Just 30 JJ followed by Pendulum lunges 8 on right and then on left
  10. Fence sit –  Time is ticking so we did name-o-rama to pass the time.
  11. Back to the small shelter were we did a few minute of stretches. 

Thanks for joining me on our 2 mile run today.. ( Bonus thanks to Bagherra and HalfPipe for running a lap around the lake with me prior to the workout!)

Announcements : Fiaversary is Saturday Aug 14.