It’s Olympic Week and we were challenged to hold the longest wall sit at Book Drop. After the disclaimer and a quick warm up, we jumped right in! I even brought ice breaker questions to keep our minds off the pain! Spoiler alert—it didn’t help (much)!

After Forrest shook her way to a five minute + wall sit, the rest of us dropping like flies in the previous minutes, we got on to the rest of the workout!

The Thang: Inflating BLIMPS

Burpees (5)

Lunges (jump 10)

Imperial Walkers (15 HC)

Merkins (20)

Plank Jacks


Between rounds we ran up one flight of stairs, then two, and so on to the top of the deck. Wall sit was held at the bottom until we all reconvened.

That brought to the end of our time where we got to name our FNG! Welcome, Sassy! And we passed the site Q torch from Zeppelin to Boone 👏🏼

Name-a-rama and we were done!

Way to push yourselves this morning!

Mary Lou