Gave disclaimer

Warmup: Arm circles, good mornings, toy soldiers, high knees, butt kickers, quick short run

Thang:  Arms, legs, abs… repeat

Arms: Push up variations

10 pushups w/ 5 skiers in between each set

10 Regular pushups/5S/Wide arm pushups/5S/ Triangle hand pushups/ 5S

quick run

Pike pushups/5S/ Staggered hand pushups/5S/ Staggered hand pushups/5S

Legs: 20 squat variations with 5 burpee with broad jump in-between each set

20 regular squats/5BB/wide leg/5BB/closed leg/5BB/ frog squat/5BB/pile’ with dragging right foot/5BB/pile’ with dragging left foot/5BB

Abs– 30 abs sets  with 5 full sit ups in-between each set

30 leg lifts/5FS/american hammers (HC)/5FS/heals to heaven/5FS/LBCs/5FS/V sit ups/5FS

Arms: crawling variations with 5 sparky crabs in-between each set

Bear crawl across the basketball court/ 5 SP/ Crawl bear back across the court/ 5 SP/ crabwalk feet first across the court/ 5 SP/ crabwalk hands first across the court/ 5SP

Legs: lunge variations with 5 shoulder taps in-between each set

20 lunges right leg back/ 5 ST/ lunge left leg back/ 5 ST/side lunge/ 5 ST/ side lunge/ 5 ST/ curtsy lunge/ 5ST/ curtsy lunge

Abs: plank variations with 5 plank jacks in-between each set

20 sec high plank/ 5PJ/ side plank/ 5PJ/ side plank/5PJ/reverse plank/ 5PJ/ forearm plank/5PJ/ reverse forearm plank