We started with a warm-up of Jumping Jacks, cotton pickers, arm circles forward and backwards, hamstring stretches, and good mornings.

The Thang:

Today we used our long bands for all but one exercise.
5 sets of exercises. Within each set we did 1 min of each exercise, then 45 sec of each exercise, followed by 30 sec of each.

Set 1:

Standing core twist to the right

standing core twist to the left

Bicep curls

Set 2:

OH shoulder press

crossover lay raise to the right

crossover lat raise to the left

Set 3:

Lateral raise


Glute extensions

Set 4:

Back lunge with curl-left

Back lunge with curl-right

Tricep extensions

Set 5:


Upright rows (cross band in front)

Fire hydrant (use loop bands)

Not a lot of cardio today, but we only took 30 sec rest between each set. Otherwise we kept moving to stay warm!

Thanks for joining me today!