What I expected to be a  snowy/icy morning ended up being just another cold morning at Moneypenny!

I stated the disclaimer and then we got to work on our legs and booty!

Warm up –

JJ, Toy Soldiers, Good Mornings, High Knees, Butt kickers, arm circles , hip circles

The Thang:

Most all exercises used weights.   It goes like this.  Do one of the first exercise and then 1 of the second.  Repeat with 2,3… to 10.  For numbers 2 and 3, lateral movement would be 1 step right/ 1 burpee, 2 step left/2 burpees, 3 steps right …etc…


  1. Squat  /inchworm to pushup
  2. lateral squat walk / burpee
  3. lateral plank walk/ Mountain Climber HC
  4. smurf jack / forward-backward jump
  5. side lunge / side lunge leap ( 5 each side)
  6. on knees, hip thrust / forward lunge ( 5 each side)
  7. backward lunge pulse/ forward kick
  8. kettle bell swing / goblet squat
  9. curtsy lunge/ single RDL   ( 5 each side)

Followed by 5 minutes of planks – change every 30 sec

  1. elbow
  2. right side elbow
  3. left side elbow
  4. brooke burkes
  5. straight arm
  6. right straight arm /thread the needle
  7. left straight arm /  thread the needle
  8.  up up / down down
  9. plank jacks
  10. spiderman

We ended with several yoga moves to stretch out the body.

Announcements: Monday is 80s night at Nightcrawler – Fia Nations 8th Anniversary

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Thanks for joining me ladies.   Be the best YOU that YOU can be!!!