What a glorious day!

Warm Up:  A typical Bon Voyage warm up with chatter and no counting and good mornings, knee pully things, hip openers etc..

The Thang: We used a string of pearls jog to work our way from the senior center to the bridge by the baseball field #7.    Along the way we completed, squats, lunges, mtn climbers, plankfurters.
Once we got to the bridge, we picked up rocks and completed 11s with Rock your Body on one end and dead lifts on the other.

Then we played Games:
Ultimate Frisbee with 5 penalty push ups when frisbee hit the ground, 5 penalty squats when the other team caught the frisbee, 5 penalty burpee when the other team scores.  I believe that the pink/purple team beat the gray team.

We also tried a take on Red Light Green Light.  It wasn’t great and I probably wouldn’t do it again.  Basically the person who was it stood at one end of the field, they pick an exercise and the other people try to get to them without getting caught not doing the picked exercise.

After that we met the people who were doing the Courage Day 5K, did our COT and shared a few laughs.

Thoughts: “I struggle with attitude.  And this week has many struggles.  We need to remember that our attitude going into an experience colors that experience.  Make a great weekend!”