We started with the disclaimer and explained the Pyramid of Pain. (10 reps of each exercise and run 5 laps, 15 reps and 4 laps with the remaining 4 exercises after dropping the first one, 20 reps and 3 laps with the remaining 3 exercises after dropping the first 2, 25 reps and 2 laps with the remaining 2 exercises, 30 reps and 1 lap with the last exercise)

We completed 1 Pyramid and then followed the reps for the other 2, but only did 1 lap after each round instead.

The Leg Pyramid consisted of: Froggers, Jump Squats, Blast Off Push Ups, Momkey Humpers, Squats.

The Arm Pyramid consisted of: Push Ups, Tricep Dips, Inchworm Walkout, Jab Punches, Hallelujahs.

The Core Pyramid consisted of: Big Girl Sit Ups, Ankle Biters, Shoulder Taps, American Hammers, LBCs.

We finished with a Name-o-Rama and COT: “Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says, ‘I’M POSSIBLE.’” Audrey Hepburn