Disclaimer given, warm up began.

JJ in cadence, power knee with increased speed. Straddle stretches and then a mosey to the front of the library to drop off our mats concludes our warm up.

Thang: Triple Nickels for major muscle groups!

Nickel 1 at Art Center. Lower body focus.

  1. Split squat right, squat walk halfway around tree circle, split squat left
  2. Box jumps, high skips across to other tree rings, low curtsy lunge.

Nickel 2 at old library lot. Upper body focus.

  1. Slurpees, bear crawl to bench, dips
  2. CDDs, crab walk two squares, pit taps HC

Nickel 3 at front of new library. Core focus.

  1. Supine toe taps, elbow to knees, froggers
  2. Bird dog, slow bear crawl for 5 steps, raggedy Anns (HC)

That brought us close to the end where we did one round of the missed exercises for each muscle group:

  1. Reverse lunge to oil Derrick right, 15 calf raises, to left side reverse lunge to oil Derrick
  2. YWs, to sideways plank walk to chataranga push ups
  3. Elevated scorpion push ups, to plank walk across bench, to table top knee up/downs

Thanks for joining me for the triple nickel day!

Mary Lou