It was great to see everyone be in the Halloween spirit  with costumes or  dressed  in black and orange ( or peach or maybe pink  🤔). After the official FiA and COVID disclaimers we got started with our warmup..


Good mornings , stretches , mummy walk , mummy kicks , arm circles  and other things that I don’t remember 😂

The thang :

I had a token with one side with the word Treat other side with Trick.   Each ladies would flip the token. Their age would be our count of the chosen exercise for TRICK.  If it’s TREAT, the sum of month and day of birthday.  This actually worked correctly  for all but Doodle. Her age is less than her birthday sum!

Now when it was your turn, you picked a sheet of paper with an exercise on each side.  Your choice on what exercise to do.  Also, between every turn we would either jog, side shuffle or do a walking dead lunge to the next location.


  1. Plank toe touch or sparky crab
  2. broad jump  / 4 high knees back or squat jump
  3. jump lunges or speed skaters
  4. side lunge leap or curtsy lunge
  5. Front kicks or spider planks
  6. pushup or mountain climber
  7. Dorothy or jumping jack-o-lantern
  8. Brooke  Burke or side plank with thread the needle
  9. plank jack-o-lantern or burpee
  10. tricep push-up or scorpion pushup

Halfway through  trick or treating we stopped to get rocks.  We did a 8 round tabata with  DEADlifts and SKULL crushers.  Then started our way back to the parking lot with our trick  or treating.

Not done yet.  Final circuit was a CAULDRON OF FIRE!  It was time to do all the rejected exercises. Oh no. Yes these were the hardest ones.  We circled up and I placed a exercise sheet in front each member of the PAX.  Set timer 40 sec work / 20 rest 10x.  After each exercise,We each rotated to the left to get the next exercise.  10 minutes and done !!!

We ended with a series of Yoga stretches… and Name-o-Rama.
Thanks for playing with me !!!!

Happy Halloween 👻!