**this workout had a one time location change to Apex Community Park**

Warmup up: good mornings, toy soldiers, inch worms, runners stretch, down dog, arm circles, phelps, run the pickle
The Thang:
Grab our weights and walk towards the lake loop. When we get to the loop, walk with weights over head.
Stopped at post and did a wall sit.
Continued walking with weights over head. Stopped again and did 5 squat to presses
Continued walking with weights overhead. Stopped at the hill and did 5 more squat to press.
Did 7s on the hill
Renegade rows at bottom, with weights
Push-ups at the top
Pick up our weights to walk back. This time we lunge walked. We stopped at the same places for 10 squat to press this time and did the wall sit again as well.
Once we got back to the shelter we split in two groups. Group 1 did bicep curls, group 2 crab walked and then switch
2nd time around Group 1 did lat pull overs. Group 2 did broad jumps.
To end we did a few standing abs and named our FNG.