DISCLAIMER- I am not a professional… adapt as needed
Yoga warmup. Sit cross legged side stretch keeping hip grounded
cat/camel, downward dog pedal stretch to thread the needle in frog legged position with arm reach
Downward dog to standing mountain side stretch to forward fold to downward dog, to cobra to downward
dog one legged down to warrior 2, elbow to top of thigh to clock circle /ccw repeat to other side, Warrior 1

Winter Games- Release pushups in 2 minutes -Congrats Nitrous who completed over 70! and the Dead Hang- Congrats Miller clocked in at over 2 minutes (all that writing and correcting student’s papers paid off!)
Road trip on Route 66. A Route 66 consists of 11 stops, one at each corner and you
increase the reps at each stop. We started with raggedy Anns. Run to the first corner and
do 1 Raggedy ann, 2nd light post do 2 womenmakers and so on for all 11, for a total of 66 reps. We will end at
our mats for a “55” Ella Ab workout.
Alternate with 4 different exercises 4 corners of Obstacle course jogging in between on long ends and Karaoke on short ends of square
LEGS 1st round of 66
1. “Raggedy Anns”: in Sumo squat position move side to side (like hill billy) but arms straight
2. “WO-Manmaker”: similar to burpee- Standing to plank position, one arm row, push-up, other arm
row, pushup return to standing and jump Weights optional
3. Star Jumps
4. Prison squats
2nd round of 66 lunge walk in between short ends/ karaoke long ends
1. hops R/L
2. Switch lunges
3. Tricep dips
4. Side plank leg lifts (bottom knee flexed or straight)
3rd round of 66 -ran out of time
ELLA ABS 55 seconds of plank and side plank, 55 big girl sit ups, and a few more
COT from Ella who was born on 1/16 which fell on Martin Luther King day this year

… a quote from MLK “If you can’t fly then run, If you can’t run, then walk, If you can’t walk , then crawl, but by all means, keep moving.

and 7 Rules of Life

  1. Let it go
  2. Ignore them
  3. Give it time
  4. Don’t Compare
  5. Stay calm
  6. Its on you
  7. Smile

Thank-you Ladies!! It was a beautiful evening to exercise!!