We traveled around Bond Park, stopping at many of our usual spots to complete 3-5 letters of the alphabet. We did 20 (EC if it applied) or 10 in candence for most of these.

The letters were:

A – Alligator Pushups

B – Brooke Burkes

C – Cherry Pickers (in cadence)

D – Door Knobs (in cadence)

E – Empty Wheelbarrow

F – Figure 4 Squat

G – Gun Show

H – Happy Jacks

I – Imperial Walkers

J- Jack in the Box

K – Kangaroos

L – LBCs

M – Monkey Humpers

N – Narwhals

O – Overhead Press w/Rock

P – Pendulum Lunges

Q  – Q’s Choice (Bicep Curls)

R – Rowboats

S – Surrenders

T – Tricep Dips

U – Unicycles

V – V – ups

W – Wide Arm Pushups

X – X and O’s

Y – Supermans in Y position

Z – Zebra

Then we had a couple minutes so we did some more ab exercises! Most if not all of the exercises are from the FiA Nation Lexicon. Thanks for joining for this recycled workout!