As always, started off with a our disclaimer… Also added in that I found all the exercises on the internet and haven’t  really tried them out.. and that my back blast would be vague on these exercises because I don’t have a name for most of them.!!   So we will see how  this goes.

Warmup:   Inchworms, Side stretches, Hamstring curls, squats, high knees Butt kickers, Toy Soldiers.

The Thang:

Started off under the shelter doing 2 rounds of 2 exercises. Then travelled around the park     with our bands  stopping at various locations for more circuits.   Then ended up back at the shelter to do one round of all the exercises that were left on my list…  All exercises used bands

 Round 1 – Shelter

  1. Single leg Glute Bridge – straight leg goes up and down
  2. Hello Dollys

Round 2  -1st grassy area-   Bear position

  1. with band on hands,  opposite hand to opposite knee.  Only arms move
  2. with band on calves,  4 shoulder taps / 2 jumps back to plank

Round 3 – oh look another grassy area  – Plank Position

  1. Single leg Mountain Climber
  2. Single leg lift

   Do both on right… then on left

    3.     Band on hands – right hand taps right .. left hand left.  then right hand taps front ..left hand front

Round 4:  Lets run down the hill

  1. 2 squat side steps left  / jump squat  – then to right
  2. 2 lunges pulses / lunge jump to other side

Round 5: Back to the shelter

  1. Side plank – leg lift  ( R &L)
  2. side plank  – Band on hand – pull up with opposite hand ( R&L)
  3. band on feet – 2 count  slow bicycle with a reach up
  4. Hundreds – 4ct with feet at 90 then 4ct with legs out straight
  5. legs at 90 –  tap toes , straight out , tap toes, back to 90

We had a few minutes left for some stretches,  Name-o-rama and COT.

“Remember when you use to be afraid to do things that made you uncomfortable?”    But look at us now!!

Thanks for joining me!