Traffic cones lined the whole parking lot at Apex Community causing some havoc getting to the site . But us FiA are determined to get to our workout no matter what  and took matters into our own hands.  Ok…. Really that just means we just moved them. 😄    This did delay our start a bit but we were able to get the workout in minus a few minutes of core.

Warmup –  JJ, arm circles, high knees, Phelps , good mornings , butt kickers

The Thang:

6 stations on the Elevate ninja course.  Each station has 2   exercises  with 45 work / 15 rest.  Repeat 2 times.

  1. Heisman / shuttle run. ( half way / all the way)
  2. Walking plank on bar  / plank ladder  ( up/ down vertical ladder)
  3. burpees / rope ladder
  4. Australian push up /   Incline push-up ( 2nd round decline)
  5. surrenders /   Inchworm,2 mountain climbers , jump squat
  6. Bulgarian squat / pistol squat  ( first round left leg ; second right)

We ended with a few stretches and COT.  WE ARE ENOUGH.