Warm Up- high knees, butt kickers, happy jacks to 10

The Pax divided into two groups.

We ran one lap around track (.5mi) stopping to do push ups (10 to 15) at each “corner”.

While one group ran a LA freeway around half track the other group did
25 dips
25 monkey humpers
25 raggedy annes
25 burpees

We did this set twice

Finished up with the Courage Challenge
4 laps around half track
lap 1: sprint long side recover run/walk 3 sides
lap 2: sprint long and short side recover run/walk 2 sides
lap 3: sprint long, short and long side recover run/walk 1 side
lap 4: sprint entire lap (if you can)

plank work: 1 min bear hold
50 plank jacks
low plank hold