The big shelter was being used so we wandered over to the other side of the parking lot.  After the disclaimers, we got down to business with 5 minutes of stretching and warmup.   Then it was time to travel around the park doing random exercises. 😄   ACP = Apex Community Park

Hill: Follow the Yellow Brick Road( name really only works at Moneypenny)  Forming a line  Going up the hill everyone got in a plank. Person at end of line runs up hill weaving through the planks. Once at top , join line in plank  once everyone was done run to picnic tables .

  • 15 incline pushups
  • 15 tricep dips
  • run down hill

repeat with squats  hold.

Bridge – 2 minutes of wall sit  Change variation every 30 sec

playground – plan was 5 exercises 20 each on nicely cushioned rubber flooring.
started with squat jumps then had to leave when children came to play.  So switched to fast feet step ups on the stairs.  20 with right lead then 20 left

Parking lot –  lucky to find  one with 10 empty spaces.

  • X in the parking spot.  Run  up  line on your left , diagonal back , up right , diagonal back  – 5x
  • repeat above with running backwards on lines forward on diagonals
  • plank walk right , bear crawl backwards on line , plank walk left , bear crawl forward
  • 20x hop over curb

bleachers –

  • 20 step ups with knee drive
  • 20 in out abs
  • 20 tap toes to ground ( legs at 90 degrees)

random posts in a parking lot – another 2 min wall sit with variations

Final jog to parking lot for a few minutes of stretches , name-o-Rama and announcements,,

Thanks for joining  me!