Disclaimer & Warm Up

Board w/ 10 exercises written out – everyone can choose different warm up exercises to complete for 4:20 (20 sec work, 10 sec rest)


The Thang:

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS

 divide into 2 groups – Move out to the Ambergate Dr

Group 1 starts walking backwards  w/ weights, while Group 2 does reps while stationary. Once those reps are complete, Group 2 walks  to catch up to Group 1. Group 1 then does their reps stationary while Group 2 walks backwards w/ their weights. Group 2 completes reps then walks to catch up to Group 1.Continue to flip flop until complete the total reps for each letter before moving to the next letter. 

B – Burpees – 5 

O – Overhead press – 10 

M – Merkins – 15 reps 

B – Bear Hold Taps – 20 hc

S – Squats Pulses – 25 

Complete until time runs out

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