Warm up then the 5 minute Ab challenge (Great job Bon Voyage on the win!)

We did four interval work-outs with this pyramid: 1 min, 45″, 30″, 15″, 45″, 1 min

Round one was: Goblet squat; Single leg RDL (R), lunges (R), split jumps, lunges (L), Single leg RDL (L), Goblet Squat

Round 2 : Biceps, Triceps, Overhead press, Front raises, overhead press, triceps, biceps

Round 3: Donkey kick (R), Fire hydrant (R), Narwahl (R), Bridge hold, Narwalh (L), Fire hydrant (L), Donkey kick (L)

Round 4: Skaters. calf raises, squat hold, burpees, squat hold, calf raises, skaters