After the disclaimer was said, this weary Friday pax warmed up with some

Arm circles, Jumping jacks, good mornings, inch worms, squat holds and butt kicks


The Thang:

The pax walked with their weights across the street to a nice hill. Q had snuck in early and set up cones with exercises listed at each station going all the way down the hill.


Station 1:

10 Tricep Dips

10 bulgarian squats

10 wall step ups with a knee pull through

5 decline push ups


–> lunge walk to next station


Station 2:

10 hill squats

5 blast off push ups

10 bicep curls

10 squat press


–> sumo walk to next station


Station 3:

10 snatches

5 Russian deadlifts into high pull

10 hand release pushups

10 sumo oblique bends


–> over head carry to next station


Station 4:

Bear crawl down hill and around cones

10 side lunges

5 Reverse fly


run a pickle and carry weights to top of hill to start over