While the pax waited for me to wrestle my gloves on this morning (sweaty hands=impossible) I promised the warm up would accomplish its purpose! I also explained we would be “eating” a three course meal for the workout today!

We headed to a flat area for our 10 min standing abs appetizer (aka warm-up). 45 seconds on 15 rest. Here’s what we did:

  • High knees
  • kickboxing kicks
  • squat with 4 punches
  • imperial walkers
  • standing X monster walks
  • reverse lunge with a twist right
  • reverse lunge with a twist left
  • marching crunch
  • skaters
  • cross toe touches with bent legs

We we’re feeling warm so we headed down to the first floor of the deck to begin our ascending TURKEY second/main course. 45 seconds on sprint upstairs to next floor for the next exercise.

  • T-tricep dips
  • U-unicycles
  • R-raggedy Anns
  • K-knee to cheat on low plank
  • E-buuuurpEEEEs
  • Y-y-ws bc YaY we loved our meal!

We enjoyed that so much we jogged down the deck back to start and ate a second helping!

Once we finished we moseyed back down the stairs to our cars for the dessert course, aka stretching. I led the pax through various leg, lower back, and arm/chest stretches.

Thanks for joining me. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Mary Lou